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Karolina's Nails 

Manicure & Pedicure Reviews for Karolina

"I went here because of a Groupon but will go back because it was so pleasant and she did such a good job.  Karolina was very friendly but didn't have to talk the whole time.  I had a mani-pedi and am very happy with the results.  She was great about taking plenty of time but wasn't slow.  This was as nice as any mani-pedi I've ever had.  Highly recommended!"

-Jill B., Chicago, IL., 04/01/2015

"Karolina does a great job with my no-chip manicures! they generally last a full two weeks.  She is very nice and professional as well."

-Diane K., Wilmette, IL., 03/29/2015

"Karolina is wonderful! I love my no chip manicures. They last and she uses quality products that do not damage my nails. Even a regular manicure lasts. And her pedicures are fabulous. The salon is clean and the foot soak tubs are always spotless. A friendly girl in a friendly salon. Would not consider going anywhere else!"  

-Melissa T., Glenview, IL. 03/27/2015

"I found Karolina a few yrs back and I only will see her for my nails. She is amazing. She takes her time and does a great job every single time. Also she is very clean and helpful with giving advice on what's best for my nails. She really spends time to make sure I am happy always, doesn't rush like most places. Highly recommend her!!!"

-Magdalena A., Chicago, IL., 03/26/2015

 "This is the first time I went to see Karoline.  I needed my nails done for a wedding.  She was a very kind and lovely young lady that did a great job on my nails.  I got a mani-pedi and for the service it was very worth it.  She not only did a great job on my nails, but the hand and feet massage was something I did not expect, but loved.  Thank you so much.  My nails looked great at the wedding.  I highly recommend."

- Stephanie F., Winnetka, IL. 04/30/2014


"A friend of mine recommended this salon over a year ago and I have been going there ever since.  When I need a flawless manicure or pedicure, Karolina is the person I love to go to. Unlike other places I have been to over the years, Karolina's experience and exceptional attention to detail shine right through her work.  In the past, my nails would look nice for a short while, and then the nail polish would begin to chip-off. I would assume that my nails were just not made for a long-lasting manicure.  
I don't know what exactly Karolina does differently, but my nails last for a very long time, looking like I just left the salon.  I feel comfortable recommending her to anyone, because I know that they have no chance of walking away disappointed.  I just wish I've known about this salon and Karolina way sooner!"

- Kami G., Arlington Heights, IL. 04/21/2014


 " Karolina at Joseph & Anthony salon in Glenview (my no chip manis last OVER a month with Karolina and she gives a nice discount for newbies)"

- Naty K. Chicago 07/27/2014