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Pedicures by Karolina's Nails

773-706-1213 Karolina's Nails in downtown Glenview, IL.
Pedicures include removal of dead skin, scrub, foot massage, cuticle clean up and finish with polish.

All tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized between every single client.

Pedicures are a nice way to get off your feet and relax.

Say Hello to Spring!  

It's time to show off those toes and get a pedicure at Karolina's Nails!

Pick a Color, any Color!

Here at Karolina's Nails we have a large selection of colors to choose from.  

We try to stay up to date with the new trends.

If there is a color you like, but we don't have then let us know and we will see what we can do.

Come in and get a pedicure and pick a color from the large selection we have at Karolina's Nails.

Pedicures also have health benefits... plus they make your feet look pretty!

Men's pedicure also available.

Get your man a gift certificate!

OPI Polish

To the right is a picture before a pedicure is done.

Notice the dead skin and callus on the toes and heel.  

Pedicures are recommended not just for looks, but for health reasons too!

To The left is the same foot after a pedicure at

Karolina's Nails.

The dead skin and callus were carefully removed and now the feet are soft and smooth again.

We recommend getting pedicures on a regular basis.

Ask about having a "Standing Appointment"

Pedicures are not just about getting your nails done.  Here at Karolina's Nails we remove the callus and old skin off the bottom of your feet.  Your feet will be softer and smoother.  You deserve beautiful feet. 

 Pedicure services for Men & Women available.

All tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized between every single client.
Services for Men, Women and Kids