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Manicures for Men, Glenview

Manicure for men available at Karolina's Nails in Glenview 773-706-1213
Manicures are not just for women anymore!

Straight, gay, young or old. Men get manicures in todays world.  
Taking care of your hands and nails is important not just for women, but all men!

Come in today for a manicure and try our pedicure services too!

Don't worry... It will be our little Secret!

Manicures for men can include a polish for your nails.  The choice is yours.

Manicures for men includes cuticle clean up, trim and buff if desired. We can also place a clear polish or a polish color of your choice

Many business men get manicures to give them the professional look and that edge they need. 

Manicures for men can be with no polish. The nails can be buffed to a nice shine.

Pedicures for men available.

Remove that old callus and dead skin, which contributes to foot odor.

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